All about me

These things are always the hardest to write! So all about me…

I am 23.

I live in Canberra.

I love food, and I love to cook.

I have the most beautiful partner in the world 🙂

I am a vegetarian, and have lots of love for all animals.

I am an English major at uni, soon to be a teacher (in 2 years!).

I am overweight, and have been since as long as I can remember.

There are numerous reasons for me doing the 12wbt, but in short, I’ve just had enough of being bigger than I should be. When I was seven years old, I was classified as obese (oh, how depressing!). I was always the big kid, the girl who would be pretty if she wasn’t ‘so fat’. I’ve had a looong history with being overweight, and it’s become this really uncomfortable blanket that I’ve worn for way too many years. It’s been an up and down struggle, but now, one day at a time, I’m making  life-changing choice, and developing some new habits and knowledge about healthy living that will stick with me for a lifetime.

So… the stretchy pants, the baggy jumpers, the chocolate and takeaway and laziness… it’s all coming (not so sadly!) to an end.

This isn’t the easiest thing to write, but I hope that anyone reading this has some understanding, some insight, perhaps even a similar story that they can relate to, and that I can provide some support through my own journey to those who are on their own.


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