The beginning.

9 Sep

Oh dear… I feel incredibly slack for not having written on my blog until now!

It’s the end of week two of the 12wbt, and I can admit that I’m feeling a whole lot better than I did last week! With the start of week one, I was feeling all sorts of busy and overwhelmed, and with a truckload of uni work to top it off; I was just way too busy to be blogging!

I’ve got a bit more time now, so here’s a quick overview of the last two weeks!


Week one:

In general, I found that I was starving for a lot of the first week (I suppose that’s an indication that I normally eat waay too much!). I only managed to exercise 5/7 days (I was pretty disappointed with my effort), and when I got on the scales on Wednesday, I’d only lost 500g. I stuck to the meal plans vigilantly (except for one or two dinners which I substituted for other 12wbt menus… tofu skewers aren’t something that particularly excite me haha!). I was also frustrated at how little I had to eat (particularly dessert!), but I stuck it out.

With the workouts, I tended to stick to walking/running for most of it, and only did one of the toning days (as well as some Zumba). The day after my first toning day, I honestly thought that I might have been hit by a truck in my sleep. My body was sore in places that I didn’t even know existed! It took four full days for my muscles to completely stop hurting, but in hindsight, it was actually a great workout 🙂 


Now that it’s week two, I’m feeling heaps better. My mind feels a lot clearer, and I’m getting used to all these first-thing-in-the-morning workouts. I feel a lot fitter now. I can actually run a (somewhat) decent distance without feeling like I’m actually going to die… which for me is amazing! It is hard to keep up the constant motivation to exercise, but seeing the changes already definitely helps. The other day I tried on one of my old Ben Sherman coats (which hasn’t fit me for over a year) and it actually fits me now! Hazzah! I was incredibly happy about that, and the whole time I was wearing my coat I had a silly little smile to myself that I knew I was finally doing something to positively change my life!


Another thing that has really struck a chord with me this week is an article I read called “Are you as busy as you think?” 

I’ve always been an amazing procrastinator. It frustrates the hell out of me, but I know it’s mainly due to the fact that I either a) really don’t want to do something because it seems too stressful, or b) I’m just too damn lazy to get moving.

This article points out how people often don’t realize how they’re prioritising their time. The article suggests that instead of saying “I don’t have time”, start saying, “It’s just not a priority”. It’s amazing how quickly you realize what’s important, and what’s not! (I used this rule a few times on myself when I really didn’t ‘have time’ to exercise, and in the end, I realized I really did have time, but I just wasn’t making it my top priority!). I definitely recommend giving it a read!


Anyway… to keep this short(ish) and sweet, that’s a basic wrap up of my first two weeks on the program! I’m hoping to get my time management skills even better this week, and to make time to update my blog a little more regularly!


Cheers bloggers! 🙂 


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