The curse of the cake…

17 Aug

Well! I haven’t posted for a little while… I’ve been back at uni this week after a looong time on holidays, and I seem to have forgotten what it’s actually like to do something with my time haha!


I’ve been trying pretty hard with healthy eating and exercise for the last month or so. I did lose about 1kg, but half of that seems to have crept back on (according to the scales!). I look like I’ve lost a bit of weight, which is nice. But despite my good intentions and my dedication to the pre-season tasks, I seem to be losing my motivation really early on. I know we haven’t even actually started the 12wbt yet, but that’s what seems to be bothering me the most! If I’ve lost my motivation mojo already, then how will I stay motivated for 12 whole weeks?!


I’ve still been exercising between 5-6 times a week, but I seem to have gotten used to my regular routine, and the (slightly) more fit that I get and the easier the routine gets, I just keep doing the same thing. We have a nice route near our house that is roughly ½ hour if walked, but since I’ve started interspersing jogging into it as well, it only takes 20 minutes. And then by the time I reach the start of the route and consider doing another lap to make it a great 40-minute workout, I find myself walking towards home and planting my ass on the couch, leaving any thoughts of motivation flying away with the wind! I think it’s also important to mention that money constraints are a real problem… I’ve done heaps of research into gyms around my area, and they’re all just way too far out of my price range. This is a big bummer, because I used to go to the gym pretty regularly and I used to love group fitness classes. But the only option I seem to have now is running outside, which can seem like a really horrible option on –4 degree Canberra mornings!

And to top all of this off… today I didn’t even exercise at all! When I woke up it was raining (and snowing for some reason?!) and so I thought I’d get some study done and see if the rain laid off, but it didn’t, and therefore I’ve stayed home in my trackies all day and done nothing! And to top it off, I’ve got a dinner on tonight, and I just know that I’m going to want cake after my meal… goddamn cake!


I’ve also been doing pretty well with food… well between the hours of 9am-6pm… but then after dinner…BAM! All of my self-restraint dissolves into thin air and I go down to the shops to get an apple pie. Or ice cream. Or chocolate. Or anything sugary/fatty/unhealthy that you can think of. Excellent… just what my ass needs when I’m trying to change my whole routine and view towards junk food!


I suppose both of these things (as well as my blatant lack of self-restraint) have got me feeling pretty worried. I’m scared that this lack of motivation/restraint/care for myself is going to stop me from achieving my best during the 12wbt, and I don’t want that. That’s what’s happened for my whole life, and it’s time to stop the cycle.


So, upon reflecting on all of this, and instead of feeling sorry for myself and going out and eating copious amounts of cake… I decided to do some final research into gym memberships in the hope that something would magically appear within my price range. I jumped on the website for my Uni’s gym. I had looked up their rates previously, and realized that they were just way too far out of my price range. However, this time when I jumped on the website, I saw that for this month only, they have a promotion to pay only $100 for 3 months membership! The offer ends at the end of August, which coincidentally is when the 12wbt starts! Hey presto… it’s fate! So I called them up and made an appointment to go and visit the gym on Monday, and hopefully if it seems decent enough, I’ll sign up on the spot. Woohoo!


Well, I hope that the next time I post on here, it’ll be to tell you that I’ve been going to the gym 6 days a week and kicking ass and NOT EATING ANY CAKE!! Wish me luck! 🙂


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