Kitting up!

11 Aug

Today I went shopping for some new gym clothes to get me pumped for working out! I went to take a look at Michelle’s new range in Big W, but to be honest, the range they had was pretty disappointing. They had about 1200 size 8 singlet tops and 2 pairs of pants and that was it! So I looked around elsewhere and found some other great stuff 🙂 and tomorrow I’m hoping to get these new bad boys…

Adizero feathers…amazing!

They’re the women’s Adizero Feather 2… and they’re absolutely amazing! I saw them in Rebel Sport the other day and when I picked them up it was like picking up a feather, they weigh nothing! I haven’t tried them on yet, but I’m hoping that they feel as amazing as they look!

As much as I looove shopping, I’m trying not to buy too many clothes at the moment. I want to keep shopping as an incentive for when I finish the 12wbt, because hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll look something like this…

And then I can shout myself some amazing bikinis for the first time in my life! Haha! Well…. this might be a liiiiitle bit unrealistic, but I can keep trying! 😛


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