The beginning.

9 Sep

Oh dear… I feel incredibly slack for not having written on my blog until now!

It’s the end of week two of the 12wbt, and I can admit that I’m feeling a whole lot better than I did last week! With the start of week one, I was feeling all sorts of busy and overwhelmed, and with a truckload of uni work to top it off; I was just way too busy to be blogging!

I’ve got a bit more time now, so here’s a quick overview of the last two weeks!


Week one:

In general, I found that I was starving for a lot of the first week (I suppose that’s an indication that I normally eat waay too much!). I only managed to exercise 5/7 days (I was pretty disappointed with my effort), and when I got on the scales on Wednesday, I’d only lost 500g. I stuck to the meal plans vigilantly (except for one or two dinners which I substituted for other 12wbt menus… tofu skewers aren’t something that particularly excite me haha!). I was also frustrated at how little I had to eat (particularly dessert!), but I stuck it out.

With the workouts, I tended to stick to walking/running for most of it, and only did one of the toning days (as well as some Zumba). The day after my first toning day, I honestly thought that I might have been hit by a truck in my sleep. My body was sore in places that I didn’t even know existed! It took four full days for my muscles to completely stop hurting, but in hindsight, it was actually a great workout 🙂 


Now that it’s week two, I’m feeling heaps better. My mind feels a lot clearer, and I’m getting used to all these first-thing-in-the-morning workouts. I feel a lot fitter now. I can actually run a (somewhat) decent distance without feeling like I’m actually going to die… which for me is amazing! It is hard to keep up the constant motivation to exercise, but seeing the changes already definitely helps. The other day I tried on one of my old Ben Sherman coats (which hasn’t fit me for over a year) and it actually fits me now! Hazzah! I was incredibly happy about that, and the whole time I was wearing my coat I had a silly little smile to myself that I knew I was finally doing something to positively change my life!


Another thing that has really struck a chord with me this week is an article I read called “Are you as busy as you think?” 

I’ve always been an amazing procrastinator. It frustrates the hell out of me, but I know it’s mainly due to the fact that I either a) really don’t want to do something because it seems too stressful, or b) I’m just too damn lazy to get moving.

This article points out how people often don’t realize how they’re prioritising their time. The article suggests that instead of saying “I don’t have time”, start saying, “It’s just not a priority”. It’s amazing how quickly you realize what’s important, and what’s not! (I used this rule a few times on myself when I really didn’t ‘have time’ to exercise, and in the end, I realized I really did have time, but I just wasn’t making it my top priority!). I definitely recommend giving it a read!


Anyway… to keep this short(ish) and sweet, that’s a basic wrap up of my first two weeks on the program! I’m hoping to get my time management skills even better this week, and to make time to update my blog a little more regularly!


Cheers bloggers! 🙂 


The curse of the cake…

17 Aug

Well! I haven’t posted for a little while… I’ve been back at uni this week after a looong time on holidays, and I seem to have forgotten what it’s actually like to do something with my time haha!


I’ve been trying pretty hard with healthy eating and exercise for the last month or so. I did lose about 1kg, but half of that seems to have crept back on (according to the scales!). I look like I’ve lost a bit of weight, which is nice. But despite my good intentions and my dedication to the pre-season tasks, I seem to be losing my motivation really early on. I know we haven’t even actually started the 12wbt yet, but that’s what seems to be bothering me the most! If I’ve lost my motivation mojo already, then how will I stay motivated for 12 whole weeks?!


I’ve still been exercising between 5-6 times a week, but I seem to have gotten used to my regular routine, and the (slightly) more fit that I get and the easier the routine gets, I just keep doing the same thing. We have a nice route near our house that is roughly ½ hour if walked, but since I’ve started interspersing jogging into it as well, it only takes 20 minutes. And then by the time I reach the start of the route and consider doing another lap to make it a great 40-minute workout, I find myself walking towards home and planting my ass on the couch, leaving any thoughts of motivation flying away with the wind! I think it’s also important to mention that money constraints are a real problem… I’ve done heaps of research into gyms around my area, and they’re all just way too far out of my price range. This is a big bummer, because I used to go to the gym pretty regularly and I used to love group fitness classes. But the only option I seem to have now is running outside, which can seem like a really horrible option on –4 degree Canberra mornings!

And to top all of this off… today I didn’t even exercise at all! When I woke up it was raining (and snowing for some reason?!) and so I thought I’d get some study done and see if the rain laid off, but it didn’t, and therefore I’ve stayed home in my trackies all day and done nothing! And to top it off, I’ve got a dinner on tonight, and I just know that I’m going to want cake after my meal… goddamn cake!


I’ve also been doing pretty well with food… well between the hours of 9am-6pm… but then after dinner…BAM! All of my self-restraint dissolves into thin air and I go down to the shops to get an apple pie. Or ice cream. Or chocolate. Or anything sugary/fatty/unhealthy that you can think of. Excellent… just what my ass needs when I’m trying to change my whole routine and view towards junk food!


I suppose both of these things (as well as my blatant lack of self-restraint) have got me feeling pretty worried. I’m scared that this lack of motivation/restraint/care for myself is going to stop me from achieving my best during the 12wbt, and I don’t want that. That’s what’s happened for my whole life, and it’s time to stop the cycle.


So, upon reflecting on all of this, and instead of feeling sorry for myself and going out and eating copious amounts of cake… I decided to do some final research into gym memberships in the hope that something would magically appear within my price range. I jumped on the website for my Uni’s gym. I had looked up their rates previously, and realized that they were just way too far out of my price range. However, this time when I jumped on the website, I saw that for this month only, they have a promotion to pay only $100 for 3 months membership! The offer ends at the end of August, which coincidentally is when the 12wbt starts! Hey presto… it’s fate! So I called them up and made an appointment to go and visit the gym on Monday, and hopefully if it seems decent enough, I’ll sign up on the spot. Woohoo!


Well, I hope that the next time I post on here, it’ll be to tell you that I’ve been going to the gym 6 days a week and kicking ass and NOT EATING ANY CAKE!! Wish me luck! 🙂

Kitting up!

11 Aug

Today I went shopping for some new gym clothes to get me pumped for working out! I went to take a look at Michelle’s new range in Big W, but to be honest, the range they had was pretty disappointing. They had about 1200 size 8 singlet tops and 2 pairs of pants and that was it! So I looked around elsewhere and found some other great stuff 🙂 and tomorrow I’m hoping to get these new bad boys…

Adizero feathers…amazing!

They’re the women’s Adizero Feather 2… and they’re absolutely amazing! I saw them in Rebel Sport the other day and when I picked them up it was like picking up a feather, they weigh nothing! I haven’t tried them on yet, but I’m hoping that they feel as amazing as they look!

As much as I looove shopping, I’m trying not to buy too many clothes at the moment. I want to keep shopping as an incentive for when I finish the 12wbt, because hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll look something like this…

And then I can shout myself some amazing bikinis for the first time in my life! Haha! Well…. this might be a liiiiitle bit unrealistic, but I can keep trying! 😛

Say it aint so, Joe!

9 Aug

This morning the 4th pre-season task was released! It’s called ‘Say it out loud’, and it’s all about confirming your commitments to not only yourself, but to others. It took me a little while to get my list of commitments down. I initially felt the need to be really sentimental about where I’ve come from and how I need to make myself feel better, but I’ve spent a long time working through all that psychological stuff. This is the time to announce what my goals are, and whether I’m committed to them or not.

So, what am I committing to? What do I want to say out loud (physically, and through cyberspace as well!)…

  • I am committing to following the 12wbt all the way through. This includes continuously following the eating and exercise plans (to the best of my ability).
  • I am committing to not making excuses.
  • I am committing to not giving in to things that make me temporarily happy.
  • I am committing to becoming fitter and stronger, and to becoming a runner!
  • I am committing to being a team player, and being there for Al when she needs me, and listening to her when I need her to be my conscience!
  • I am committing to creating a healthier and happier life for myself.
  • I committing to helping myself become the best version of me that I can be – the ‘me’ that I’ve always dreamed of being.
  • I am committing to losing 10kgs by the end of the 12wbt (and hopefully a little bit more!)
  • AND… I am committed to do the work to get there.

Before posting this list, I had to really consider whether or not I really was committed to do the work to get to where I want to be. In my head I’m thinking ‘Yeah, of course I’m committed!’, but sometimes reality can be an entirely different thing, and I know that sitting on the couch is 50 times more comfortable than getting up and doing some exercise! In the pre-season leading up to the start of the 12wbt, I have been trying to generally clean up my life and start exercising more/eating less. However actually putting this into practice has been really hard. I know that every now and then, I’ve been eating too much, or eating something I shouldn’t be. It’s been difficult mentally to get myself out of bed in the mornings to get up and get exercising, and when I do, to keep myself going for as long as possible.

However, I must admit, I am proud of the effort I have been making so far. Small steps lead to big changes, and I consider that the massive changes I have made even in the last three or so weeks (compared to the ‘I’ll do/eat whatever I want!’ mentality I had about a month ago) is something to be happy and proud of. I’ve cleaned out the fridge and cupboard, have been writing out weekly meal plans and shopping lists, sticking to 12oo calories a day, and exercising about 5-6 days a week. This is a massive change, and it’s something to be proud of. By the time the program actually kicks off in another 17 days, I know that I’ll be in the right frame of mind to put my all into it.
I find my biggest set back is allowing myself to give in to feeling content in the moment (eg. not going for a walk/jog because I can’t be bothered, or eating junk because I want it), but I know that in order to achieve my goal in the long run, I can’t keep giving in to these little momentary lapses of ‘content’. I’d much rather be content in a size 10 bikini on the beach at the end of the year than eating some chocolate after dinner tonight!!

Well, wish me luck with the whole willpower thing! In 17 days time, I’ll be ready to make the transformation of my life!

…Here we go!

9 Aug

Hi all!

So, this is my first attempt at writing a blog! I am currently undertaking the Michelle Bridges 12wbt, so this blog is just an online dedication to my (ongoing) journey throughout the 12wbt!

So ahh… where to start?! I remember a friend of mine saying she was going to sign up to the 12wbt back in 2009 (I think it was) and at the time I thought maybe it would work for me too, however I was at Uni and didn’t have to funds to support joining the program at the time.
I’ve had a lifelong struggle with weight. I was overweight/obese throughout my childhood, and struggled with getting my weight down in highschool. It wasn’t until around 2009 that I decided to join a gym and really get serious about my health that I finally started to make a change. Throughout 2009/10, I lost around 10kgs and regularly went to the gym, did twice weekly bootcamp sessions, played weekly games of netball, and did plenty of other forms of exercise throughout the week. I really boosted my fitness, and for the first time in my life, I could run (somewhat decent) distances without getting an aching stitch in my side!

However at the start of 2011,  I moved out of home to the other side of town. I had to cancel my gym membership, as it just wasn’t viable travelling over 30 minutes to get to the gym when I could have just gone for a walk instead! I had just started my degree at University (to become a highschool English teacher, if anyone is interested), and along with many problems within the share house and all sorts of other personal dramas, I ended up putting on a lot of weight.

About halfway through 2011, I met my beautiful partner Alex (and yes she is a woman, and yes, I am a woman… so if you have a problem with that part of my life story then I suggest that you stop reading right about now). This was the greatest thing that ever could have happened in my life. Through meeting Al, I realized that I could find happiness in ways other than losing weight. For the most part of my life, I’d been fixated on the fact that in order to be happy, I had to lose weight. And finally, this was no longer the answer. I let myself go a bit, I stopped exercising regularly and finally just enjoyed eating what I wanted when I wanted. It probably wasn’t the best for my health (or my waistline!), but for the first time since I was seven years old, I didn’t care about what I was eating and I felt truly happy 🙂

Now zoom into 2012, and things have finally started to catch up with me! I stepped on the scale one day and had a minor breakdown… I’d managed to put on 10kgs in a year and a half, and it was certainly showing! I felt fat, frumpy, and none of my clothes fit me anymore. Al and I decided that it was time to get serious about things. We started cooking dinner each night (as takeaway was always an easy and quick option!), we ate healthy meals and tried to exercise a few times a week. However on and off, this only lasted for a little while. Every time we tried again, ‘life’ (and a whole lot of excuses!) seemed to get in the way, and we would fall back off the bandwagon (and seem to land in a packet of TimTams and an extra kilo and a half!) Finally, about a month and a half ago, we went to the Blue Mountain’s to visit Al’s family, and her older sister drove down from Sydney to visit. She’d always been a bigger girl from her childhood (like myself), and she had recently joined round 2 of the 12wbt, and let me tell you… she looked amazing! She had lost weight, toned up, her hair and skin looked really healthy, and she was just glowing! I asked her about the program and she gave me the details. She said it was hard work, that you had to be super organized and on track each week, but most of all, she said that the results she’d achieved were totally worth every cent she had spent on joining the program.

For me, the proof was in the pudding (or the lack there of!). Four weeks later, when I finally received my tax return (I’m still an incredibly poor uni student, so everything monetary takes a lot of planning and saving!) Al and I finally joined up for round 3 of the 12wbt. I’ve ticked off four of the Pre-season tasks, and so far they’ve been really beneficial. I’ve noticed a lot of similarities between these tasks and some of those in Michelle’s books (particularly Crunch Time), however I don’t mind the overlap, as Crunch Time has been an amazingly helpful book in my weightloss journey so far. In the last week of the Pre-season, I’ve found the videos, tasks and forum posts incredibly motivating. I love Michelle’s attitude and view towards losing weight. I know it seems to get thrown around a lot in the forums, but JFDI has become a pretty important slogan for me on those mornings when I really don’t want to get out of bed and put on my joggers!

So far in the Pre-season time, Al and I have been trying to stick to 1200 calories a day, and exercise at least 5-6 days a week. Al has recently suffered a knee injury (from a longer running series of knee injuries) and she may potentially have to have surgery, so we’ll have to come up with some new and exciting ways to exercise if that’s the case! We’re both at Uni (both studying education) and we both pay a whopping amount of rent per month, so we’re unable to join a gym due to money restraints. We’ve been exercising outside as much as possible, but on rainy days like today, it’s a bit tricky. We also have a pretty small (perhaps I should say cosy) house, and a housemate who never seems to leave the house (I mean ever… I swear his ass is glued to his computer chair!) so doing exercise DVD’s is out of the question unless we want to look like absolute morons. However, we did come up with a solution of trying to sort the garage into a bit of a gym with the small resources we do have. So far that includes a bike trainer, a skipping rope and a mat for sit ups etc, but we’re soon hoping to get some boxing equipment, free weights and a fitball so we can incorporate a bit of variety into our routine! Oh, and we’ve both also managed to lose about 1kg in the last 2 weeks, which has been a great motivater to keep going!

Anyway, that’s the breakdown of who I am and where I’m at 🙂 Hopefully this blog isn’t full of complete nonesense and other 12wbters will actually be interested in following it! My major at Uni is writing, and I’m always writing in different shapes and forms, so I hope to contribute on here as often as I can. I’ll be blogging about health and fitness, the 12wbt program, and anything else even vaguely related to those things, so stay tuned if you’re interested 🙂

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